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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Press Meets Organtuan Babe At The Philadelphia Zoo

Although a wonderful sight to see, an Orangutan Babe being able to be raised by their Mum, I think that the intrusion of the media towards the mum is not right. Here Mum is, not knowing these people and her instincts are to protect her Babe. You can see how she tries to hide from the strangers and the cameras. I realize that the Babes are what brings the people to the zoo, however, in my opinion, this was a bit too early and not fair to Mum.

I also don't believe in breeding in Captive zoos when there are so many Great Apes in the wild that need help. Orphan Orangutans are dieing in their natural habitats, their habitats are being destroyed day by day, and then we breed to keep them in concrete floor cages such as this one.

This babe will never get the opportunity for freedom, swinging from one tree to the other in thousands of natural acres. That is why their arms are longer then any of the other Apes. It's their natural way of transporting, not scooting along a concrete floor. I feel bad for the new Babe for what his/her future holds.

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