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Friday, November 20, 2009

People Are Starting To Get Educated On How Bad It Is To Own a Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee attack

Thank You Poster, the more education their is out here, the greater the chance of the laws changing, and people will eventually stop buying these WILD DANGEROUS animals-

Chimpanzee attack
God, you know what's retarded about that?
The owner of the chimpanzee says, defending the idea of owning chimps as pets,

"They're the closest thing to humans. The closest thing to us. How many people go crazy and kill other people? This is one incident that I don't know what happened."

Ok, this is the thing. You don't keep humans as pets! You don't keep your children in cages and take them out on car rides and spoil them with Filleted Mignon and chocolate, and drug them with anti-anxiety pills. Why? Because children, unlike chimps, actually ARE human beings, and they have way too much social, sensitive, and emotional receptors in their brains to be treated like a pet. Of course they'd be extremely messed up!

So if you say that chimps are just like humans, that's exactly why you shouldn't be keeping them as pets in cages either. If you can't let a chimp run around like a child, grow up and run around in society as adults, then obviously chimps aren't meant to be in human society. They're meant to be in chimp society out in the forests where they came from. You can interact with them all you want but they're sentient animals, just like we are sentient beings as well, and they are not meant to be kept in cages, ordered around, and pampered irresponsibly like you would a dog or cat, just in the same way that you don't do that to your own children or your own friends and family.


Like human societies say "they're not safe" but that's really not the issue. You could say that humans are not safe for the very same reasons. The point is that they're not meant to be kept as pets, just like you don't keep other human beings as pets. The similarity between our species justifies that in that fact alone.


You know, for that matter, it's not very healthy to keep any pet locked up all the time. Cats are fearful of the outside world because their entire world is the interior of your house. Dogs can become aggressive, scared, or even physically sick from being cooped up in a house, or much worse, a cage or small fenced in area. Even hamsters can get sick and aggressive if they're always left in their cages. You have to play with them, let them run around (that's what those ball things are made for), let them be hamsters! In fact, there is an article somewhere about a woman who trains mice. She has a whole colony of mice that are perfectly trained and don't over breed or anything because she actually took the time and patience to observe them and understand the way mice are. You have people like the Dog Whisperer who do the same for dogs, the Horse Whisperer for horses, if you spend enough time underwater you discover the interrelationships between aquatic life too. Animals are all sentient beings, they just do things differently because they are different forms of life. Our advantage is that we have amazing powers to observe, create, and understand a countless amount of things. I think we should use that unique gift of ours to celebrate all life forms, not try to overcome and overpower them.

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