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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Puchasing Wildlife Calendars To Benefit Wild Gorillas

A YORKSHIRE GP turned cameraman who got close up to a family of gorillas in Rwanda is now aiming to give the campaign to save the species maximum exposure.
Dr Mark Hayes's passion for wildlife photography has taken him around the world.

Based at Tadcaster Medical Centre, he has put together a special gorilla calendar to raise money for charity.

The doctor spent two weeks travelling around Rwanda and Kenya earlier this year – returning with some stunning shots from his adventures.

Dr Hayes was so struck with the quality of the pictures, he got in touch with the Gorilla Organisation to see if he could use them to raise money for the cause.

He said: "I was extremely lucky to get close to a family of mountain gorillas and the photographs are amazing. I felt I should raise some money for the Gorilla Organisation.

"So, having been sold the idea of photographic calendars by some enthusiastic fellow photographers, I contacted a couple of people and together we came up with the Official Gorilla Organisation Calendar for 2010."

He is promoting the calendars, which cost £12, on his and the organisation's website and has put together a display at his GP surgery in Tadcaster.

All proceeds from sales will be donated to the Gorilla Organisation, helping to fund conservation and development projects. To find out more, visit their site or Visit the Photographers Site

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