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Friday, November 20, 2009

Animals Hybrids For Pets

The household pets that are 'half wolf' - Telegraph

this sounds entirely insane -
bad-enough that we have eejits in the USA who breed hybrids, but since when has the UK gone so demented as to allow hybrids as household pets?!

haven;t Ur ACOs and dog-wardens *heard* of the behavioral problems, household destruction, aggression toward strangers, bites to children, maulings, and several killings by hybrids?
or do they think the UK-version hybrids are a kinder + gentler strain,

at least ONCE every year, i have some poor twit on the phone, begging me to help them find a RESCUE organization or a SANCTUARY to take their hybrid in, as they cannot keep the animal any more...
they are moving, they cannot deal with the destruction inside or out, they cannot keep them confined / they escape, they are afraid of the animal who bit ___ for the first time, etc, etc, etc.

my personal favorite was the woman who was moving from her own home, with a fully-fenced yard in a rural area, to a suburban high-density apartment, and she had been letting the INTACT * MALE hybrid decide for himself if he wanted to sleep indoors or out, since he was 6-MO.
he had not spent a single night in the house since he had turned 12-MO...
what makes her think that he will want to live as a PET in anyone elses home, after she dumps her 90# problem-child in Their Lap?

get a clue, folks -
wolves and dogs are INTER-FERTILE, they are not interchangeable.
the domestic-dog is separated by a minimum of 10k years of evolutionary change, and thousands of years as human companions; they have GENES in common, yes... but their behavior is wildly different.

humans share over 98% of the chimpanzee genome...
but a chimp reared in a human family does not become human,
and a human infant reared by chimps would make a spectacularly un-successful wild primate.

a wolf-hybrid is neither a dog, nor a wolf; they have no place in this world, their niche is non-existent. wolves have a life that is vastly different from a dogs; dogs accept human behavior that a wolf will literally kill U over.

the New England woman who died in the pen with her 30 hybrids was not found for 2 or 3 days, as she lived alone; by which time, all they could say was that she DID die of an attack by more than one of the hybrids, but not what may have triggered the assault; the forensic evidence was far too muddled to get anything intelligible.

hybrids make-up less than 1% of the approx 70-Million dogs in the USA; they represent about 1 in 5 of the fatal attacks + serious maulings.
that is well above their statistical percentage in the population.
if someone OFFERS U a hybrid-pup, do NOT get suckered; any puppy is a far different critter from the adult, i am sure U will admit that an 8-WO Cavalier + an 8-WO Rottie mature into entirely different beasts.

a hybrid at 2-YO and socially mature is *not* a compliant animal.

they are spooky, wary of strangers, attracted by odors (dig THRU sofas to check smells in the carpet beneath the sofa?!, LITERALLY drilling thru the sofa vertically), they are extremely predatory and may kill smaller animals + small dogs or other pets, they have been known to stalk children, they are increasingly aggressive once past puberty, etc, etc.

an adult-hybrid is the ONLY canine that i have ever heard of, to leap clear off the floor in order to rip-down a ceiling fan when left home alone; it was moving, the hybrids kill them.
(in the Southern states, a ceiling fan is practically mandatory to have any comfort in the heat, and the insulation is so poor in many Southern homes that the ceiling fan is also important for moving the heat \/ down \/ near the floor where we walk about + sit, LOL, vs lingering 10-ft up... )

if Ur near-neighbor gets a hybrid as a pet, and does NOT install a fully roofed, cement floored kennel structure... move. they are escape artists; they climb, dig, jump, chew, and probably teleport out of wire-roofed, 8-ft tall cyclone fenced pens, with solid concrete floors and concrete-set metal posts.

if YOU get one... please do not call me to take Ur dear darling off Ur hands, in a year or 2 or 6-months. the nearest no-kill sanctuary for YOUR hybrid is in YOUR living-room; every reputable refuge has a 2 to 3-year waiting list.
it is a hemorrhage of misfit animals, and so sad - so needless.

wolves + dogs are no longer the same species - it does neither of them any good, to be conjoined like a prisoner inside a pretty specimen that is not what it appears to be; they are condemned to a misfit existence, and often die young. it breaks my heart.

sad to see this spreading,
--- terry


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