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Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear Fatim The Chimpanzee Babe Has Passed Away, So Sad

This organization could really use some donations. With donations, medical supplies would be more available to help these poor little orphaned chimpanzees. It's bad enough the anguish they endure seeing their mother killed, then to be forced into the market of selling them as pets, to become so ill that by the time they are rescued, they are too sick to help. What a very sad situation for all of them.

This holiday season, think of their lives, any donation would certainly help. Find it in your heart to buy one less toy for your child or family and give to these little guys.


Our dear Fatim passed away last Monday with all our team by her side.

We could not do anything more to help her at the end on this long illness and we are all really sad for her. Fatim will remain forever in our memories and we hope she will keep an eye on her chimps friends and all the team at the CCC.

Just look at that face, how can anyone say no? My heart goes out to Fatim! Bless you and please forgive mankind for what they have done to you.

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