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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Charla Nash Victim of Travis The Chimpanzee, was a normal Mum Living Her Life

Chicago, Nov 16 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Charla Nash was a normal employed mother and wife living her normal life when a chimp attack in her employer’s house Sandra changed her live forever. The 200-pound animal mauled her and even started eating her in a brutal 12-minute attack. And needless to say, this turned her life upside down completely. She lost her major limbs, is blind and drinks her meals through a straw.

Her family has filed a $50 million lawsuit against the chimp’s owner Sandra Herold. The $50-million lawsuit alleges that Sandra Herold “possessed a wild animal which she knew had exhibited aggressive behavior to one or more other persons and failed to take sufficient actions to safeguard third parties from the wild animal” and accuses her of in effect causing the brutal 12 minute attack that changed Charla Nash’s life forever, through her own negligence.

“These animals are wild, wild animals and have no business being in anyone’s home,” said attorney Charles Willinger, whose firm is representing Nash along with the Long Island firm Kramer, Feldman and Monaco. “This is a dangerous animal and we believe Ms. Herold is liable as a matter of strict liability.”

However Sandra Herold’s attorney, Joseph Gerardi of Stamford, believes that his client and the chimp’s owner is not at all responsible for the attack. He said that Sandra Herold should not be held liable for the attack. “I believe it was a tragic accident,” he said.


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