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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Help Save Congo's Gorillas!

Do you remember this?
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This was the gorilla massacre that shocked all the Rangers in our park two years ago

Senkwekwe, this majestic Silverback, and four members of his family were murdered in July 2007. Ndeze, then two months old, was found clinging to her mother’s breast. Ndeze was so young, it was a miracle she survived.

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Ndeze, with her mother Safari, shortly before the massacre in 2007

Today, Ndeze needs a new home.

We, the Rangers of Virunga, need your help.

We need to raise $103,250 to take Ndeze, and the only other orphaned, baby mountain gorilla in the world, Ndakasi, out of the dirty and dangerous conditions in which they live in the city of Goma.

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The city of Goma - the dust and pollution are a threat to the survival of Ndeze & Ndakasi

We need to take them back to their natural, forest habitat and put them in a purpose-built, open-air orphanage staffed by their carers and vets. The Senkwekwe Centre, a 2.5 acre (1 hectare) plot of lush forest which is named after Ndeze’s murdered father, will be a place where these two orphaned gorillas can be healthy, happy and safe. It will also be a place to which local children - the future guardians of Virunga - can come to learn about the gorillas and the forests that it will one day be their responsibility to protect.

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Ndakasi & Ndeze play with their carers in Goma

We need to raise the $103,250 by 24th December 2009.

Time is short because these gorillas need to go home now.

All the money you give will go directly and entirely to the Senkwekwe Centre; and everything you give will be matched by the United Nations Foundation.


Some 200 of the world’s 720 Mountain Gorillas live in Virunga National Park in DR Congo: a unique, protected, cross-section of African ecology that runs from the foothills of the Virunga volcanoes, through the savannah that leads to the shores and wetlands of Lake Edward and north to the great forest and mountains of Ruwenzori. The park is unimaginable in its scale and diversity, and is home to many endangered species. None is more endangered than the Mountain Gorilla.

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Andre Bauma, the chief gorilla carer, with Ndeze

The park, and the species that live within it, are under constant threat. Deforestation from illegal charcoal production led by reble groups, clearance for settlement and agriculture, threatens habitats. Poaching and over-fishing threaten the survival of the wildlife.

Perhaps the deadliest threat to the gorillas has been the fifteen year long War. The war has forced very large numbers of refugees to move in and around the southern part of the park. These refugees have caused a massive increase in demand for fuel and space. Poaching has also increased, with the chaos of war. These threats became a tragic and brutal reality in July 2007 when Senkwekwe and four family members were massacred by unknown assailants.

The struggle to protect the gorillas and their habitat from these many threats may at times seem desperate but the Senkwekwe Centre brings some hope.

There is nothing any of us can do about Senkwekwe and his murdered family but there is something we can do to protect the present, and the future, of Ndakasi and Ndeze.

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Innocent checks out the lush forests of the Senkwekwe Centre last week, which is located at Rumangabo park station in Virunga National Park, a stone’s throw from the Gorilla Sector

We have completed roughly half of the building work. There is a 40×40 meter quarantine area within the Senkwekwe Centre that is complete, but the wall that will form the perimeter of the 2.5 acre plot is unfinished. As your money comes in we will continue building it until the security of these baby gorillas is guaranteed.

All the donations made through the website during the campaign will go to the Senkwekwe Centre unless otherwise indicated by the donor. Every Saturday we will post a total of the donations we have received in the previous week.

This is what we need:

The Perimeter Wall of the Senkwekwe Centre - $35,000

Gorilla Care & Supplies for 3 months @ $5,500 per month - $16,500

8 Observation Platforms for visitors @ $7,000 each - $56,000

Furniture for the Orphans & Carers - $4,000

Visitor & Educational Outreach Centre - $25,000

Carer & Veterinary Accomodation - $30,000

Educational Material for the children & visitors - $25,000

Office & Veterinary Laboratory - $20,000

Minus a $5,000 donation we received towards the Senkwekwe Centre on Friday. (Thank You!)

GRAND TOTAL: $206,500


If you have any questions, comments, information… please leave a comment on this post. We need your help on this one. Thank you.

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