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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jeanne Rizzotto's Pet Chimpanzees, Exploited to Donate to Chimp Haven Sanctuary, an Organization Against Pet Chimpanzees

November's Monthly Article

Isn't this supporting the very activities they don't approve of?

Purchasing these Paintings only feeds into the Pet Chimpanzee Industry. For those that want to make a donation, check out some of the adoption options on good Chimpanzee websites, such as Center For Great Apes, Fauna Foundation, etc.

Source of connection between the two

25% of the final sale price will support Chimp HavenSource

As noted on their website........
Chimp Haven serves as The National
Chimpanzee Sanctuary. We are an
independent, nonprofit organization
whose mission is to provide lifetime
care for chimpanzees who have been
retired from medical research, the
entertainment industry or no longer
wanted as pets. The organization was
founded in 1995 by professionals
from the primatological, pharmaceutical,
animal protection, zoo and business


For all articles on Jeanne Rizzotto
For Information on Jeanne Rizzotto and her Pet Chimpanzees
Hopefully being a little more informed
will help you understand the constant
wreckage Jeanne Rizzotto leaves in her
path wherever she goes. If you go to this
website location
www(dot)zoominfo(dot)com/people/Rizzotto_Jeanne_66249955.aspx This link might shed a little better light
on her character for you, and perhaps help
you realize her comments on the devotion
she has for her chimps, is nothing more
then hot air. They get her attention, and
that is ALL she is keeping them for. She
doesn't really care about Kramer and
Connor as she said she does, or she would
have NEVER left them alone for three
months when she was wreaking havoc
in the four corners area of NM/AZ with
the Navajo people. I would encourage you
to watch her actions, and NOT listen to
her words, for they are nothing more then
hot air! Too many people's lives have been
touched by her in a deviously devastating
way, and she refuses to show ANY remorse
to any of them. Her continuous actions are
all I personally need to say with a clear
conscience, she doesn't deserve
ANY respect! We have all made
poor choices at some point in
time in our life, myself included,
but one would hope that we
would learn from our mistakes, enable
our actions to show remorse and work
even harder to correct them. Rizzotto
consistently finds a way to blame
everyone else for her wrong doings,
and tries to turn the tables on them...
She is cold hearted and calculating,
self centered, and at best a snake
in the grass. I believe in her own
words (and that on the Navajo
Nation) a "fast talking billagana".
In her Today Show interview she
stated that she slaps herself and
says "Wow, I have chimpanzees".
She should just plain slap
Source and more information

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