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Monday, November 9, 2009

NASA: Stop the Monkey Business! Shame On You NASA

Posted by Rachel-O
usatoday / CC
Squirrel Monkey
When you think of NASA, you probably think of rockets, science, innovation and most of all, the most high tech, up to date technology that we can't even imagine yet, right? NASA doesn't possibly think that torturing animals in the name of science is somehow useful ... or do they?

NASA is planning to expose up to 28 squirrel monkeys to radiation in order to simulate the effects of radiation exposure to humans in space. The monkeys will then spend the rest of their lives being forced to perform a host of "behavioral tasks" to assess how the radiation affected their brains. Although NASA has repeatedly told the media that these monkeys won't be killed, they left out the teensy detail that earlier radiation experiments NASA has conducted on monkeys have caused the animals to suffer from fatal cancers, including brain tumors.

Years ago, PETA was instrumental in getting NASA out of the monkey business when we successfully pushed the agency to cancel plans to launch straightjacketed, electrode-implanted monkeys into space. Monkeys need your help to tell NASA to cancel these experiments now.

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