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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Monkey Babe at The Kansas City Zoo

A blue monkey born last week increased the population of the African species at the Kansas City Zoo to three.

The baby clings tightly to its mother but is on view during regular zoo hours in the Tropics building.

Zookeepers have not yet been able to get close enough to determine the sex of the baby, but it appears to be doing well, said spokeswoman Rachel Toledo-Miller. Blue monkeys wean at about six months.

The species was new to the zoo when the Tropics indoor rain forest opened in the spring. The new family shares an exhibit with mona monkeys and spurred tortoises.

In addition last week, the elephants got in a rehearsal session for the annual Great Pumpkin Smash that was held on Saturday. More than a dozen species of animals got pumpkins to play with or to eat. In the rehearsal, some elephants popped them whole into their mouths while others stomped them into pieces first.

The fruit was donated by Faulkner’s Pumpkin Farm and Ranch.

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