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Friday, November 13, 2009

Philadelphia Zoo's Newborn Orangutan Can Be Seen By The Public

Posted: Thursday, 12 November 2009 3:01PM

by KYW's Michelle Durham

The Philadelphia Zoo proudly introduced a new baby on Thursday morning: a Sumatran orangutan.

The proud parents are 17-year-old Tua and 13-year-old Sugi. Their female baby was born on October 2nd.

A newborn orangutan typically weighs three to four pounds at birth, but animal handlers at the zoo have not yet had a chance to weigh the recent arrival.

She is the first orangutan born at the zoo's recently built Primate Reserve. Tammy Schmidt, curator of carnivores at the zoo, says it was an exciting morning when the newborn arrived:

"Typically, in captivity, they have it at night and we come in to a wonderful surprise in the morning. But she had it in the morning. And after that she was exhausted, as you can imagine, and just laid back, letting the baby cling to her belly -- but she always had this protective hand on the back."

The next step will be introducing Dad to the baby, but Schmidt isn't at all concerned about that:

"She's going to be a pit bull. She's going to be so protective, and she's always had the upper hand in their relationship. So if he does act inappropriately, she's going to have that you're-not-gonna-bug-me thing kick in."

A contest is underway to decide the baby's name. You can vote your preference at


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