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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sandra Herold, Owner Of Travis The Chimpanzee, Husband Wanted Travis Gone!. Jeanne Rizzotto

If Sandra Herold really loved her beloved Chimpanzee, Travis, she would have placed him in a good sanctuary after the incident of Travis escaping from her vehicle. Judie Harrison, who once owned 2 Chimpanzees herself, woke up, knew the dangers and inhumane treatment of owning Chimpanzees, in October 2008 and placed her Chimpanzees at the Little Rock Zoo.

It was very obvious that Travis was not happy. In another article Charla Nash noted that he would beat his fists on the cage until they were bloody, and threw large objects around his cage. Perhaps, if Sandra Herold had thought about Travis's needs instead of her own, Travis would be alive, happy and healthy in a good sanctuary and Charla wouldn't be in the news.

There are still many Pet Chimpanzee's being held in captivity, in private homes and circuses, forced to live unnatural lives. The authorities in their states need to wake up, see the potential dangers of the public and outlaw these animals.

Jeanne Rizzotto, of Carbon County Montana, has been in the news in regards to her Chimpanzees, Connor and Kramer, whereas they have escaped, bitten people, and still the authorities allow them to reside in her home. Do they need another Charla Nash and 2 dead Chimpanzees to wake up?


For Charla Nash, victim of a savage mauling by a chimpanzee, life goes on despite odds no one would ever want to confront. After her friend’s 200-pound chimp Travis savagely attacked her on Feb. 16, ripping off her eyes, lips, nose and all of her fingers save for a solitary thumb, doctors didn’t expect her to survive.

But the 56-year-old Nash not only survived, she’s moving ahead in a healing process that has medical staff marveling at her resiliency. She’s expected to leave the Cleveland Clinic within a matter of weeks, more than a year earlier than doctors estimated. And despite her debilitating injuries, she looks forward to a fulfilling life with her teenage daughter and her two brothers.

In an extensive, revealing interview with Meredith Vieira for TODAY that aired Monday, Nash said she doesn’t spend much time looking back. “There’s no time for anything in the past,” she said. “It’ll only make me unhealthier. It’s — you know, you just can’t heal.”

No home for Travis
Still, Nash does allow herself to wonder what might have been if Travis’ owners had followed through with plans to get rid of the chimp when his behavior became increasingly erratic.

Travis, owned by Sandra and Jerome Herold, was something of a local celebrity in their hometown of Stamford, Conn. He had appeared in commercials for Old Navy and Coca-Cola, been a guest on Maury Povich’s talk show, and was a familiar sight around town, riding in a car with his owners.

But in 2003, Travis created a stir when he escaped from the Herolds’ car and held up traffic around town for hours, even chasing officers who tried to contain him.

After the incident, Jerome Herold called Nash and asked her to help him resolve the situation. “[Jerome] called me up and said, ‘Could you find a home for him?’ ” Nash told Vieira. “So I found a home. I went on the Internet, found a whole list of places that would take in pets you couldn’t handle anymore. But no place was good enough for Travis, [Sandra Herold] said. Nobody would take care of him like her. So she just didn’t want to get rid of him.”

Nash had been friends with the Herolds for some 30 years, and after Jerome passed away from cancer in 2004, she moved from New Jersey to Connecticut to be with Sandra and help out with the family’s auto-towing business. But while reports suggested Travis was a friendly, familiar face to Nash, she told Vieira she had little love for the chimp.

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