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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

South Africas Chimpanzee Rescuer, Eugene Cussons-Jeanne Rizzotto

A Chimpanzee by the name of Cozy who also resides at Chimp Eden comes with a horrible story of Pet Chimpanzee Abuse. For those of you that missed that episode, Cozy was purchased from the largest breeder in the States, named Connie Casey Braun of the Missouri Primate Foundation. Cozy was purchased by an entertainer, which a few years later passed. He was left with this entertainers wife, who was not only afraid of Cozy, but cared for him in an inhumane way. Cozy spent many years in a cage so small he couldn't stand up, the cage never being cleaned, and this cage resided in a small trailer with all curtains closed. Cozy never saw anything of the outside world for years!

The Jane Goodall Institute found out about Cozy and fought for his rights to a better home, which became Chimp Eden.

When Cozy first arrived he had no normal chimpanzee behaviour, even as far as climbing trees.
Cozy is not Famous, nor is Travis, to say the least, they were both victims of the cruel industry of Pet Chimpanzees and Entertainment Chimpanzees.

As you can read on the source below, Jeanne
Rizzotto who is exploiting her Chimpanzees to benefit her own pocket, states that Cozy is famous. Here is her quote-"
It is noted that Connor and his brother Kramer are half brothers of Travis the Chimpanzee along with another famous half brother better known as Cozy from Escape to Chimp Eden."
Source and also Novembers Monthly
Article on Chimpanzee Information

18 November 2009 - 15:48
By Anisa Ussuph

Eugene Cussons stars in the new series of Escape to Chimp Eden.

One of the great things about doing what I do, is getting to meet and chat to some remarkable people. People who’re doing amazing things and helping make the world a better place....not just for humans but for animals too.

This is where I take my hat off to Eugene Cussons. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, you clearly haven’t been watching Escape to Chimp Eden* on the Animal Planet channel.

Eugene is a South African chimpanzee rescuer. He heads around the world rescuing chimps from captivity and bringing to the Jane Goodall Institute South Africa’s Chimpanzee Eden sanctuary in Mpumalanga.

The show follows Eugene across Africa as he rescues chimps, from often horrendous circumstances, and healing them back to health at Chimp Eden with the hope of releasing them back into the wild one day.

It’s heart-wrenching stuff….


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