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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Victims of Pet Chimpanzee Attacks Charla Nash, St James Davis

Lets not forget about the past Horrific attack on St James Davis from Chimpanzees who escaped from their cages, while he was visiting his Pet Chimpanzee Moe.

These are just 2 victims of Chimpanzee attacks, being in the media because of the savage attacks that these wild, dangerous animals can do.

Here is a Photograph of St James Davis after many surgeries

Here is a Photograph of Charla Nash after many surgeries.

There are many Chimpanzees still being kept as pets here in the United States, some have already had incidents, though still remain with these private owners.

One of these private owners is Jeanne Rizzotto, whom resides in Montana. Her chimpanzees, Connor and Kramer escaped from their cage, and went crazy through the neighboring areas. Connor, her oldest Chimpanzee bit a lady which required stitches. The authority there in Carbon County have allowed Jeanne Rizzotto to keep these dangerous animals, just as the authorities allowed Sandra Herold to keep Travis. Will this, in the future, be another St James Davis/Charla Nash tragedy? The woman that Connor bit was one of the lucky ones, where as she did not end up like Charla Nash and St James Davis.


RED LODGE - A not guilty plea was entered in justice court in Red Lodge Thursday on behalf of Jeanne Rizzotto, who faces a public nuisance charge relating to an incident in which one of her pet chimpanzees allegedly bit a woman.

Justice of the Peace Johnny Seiffert said Rizzotto appeared in court but declined to enter a plea, at which point the court followed routine procedure and entered a not guilty plea on her behalf. Seiffert said the case is moving toward a trial, with a pre-trial hearing set for May 12.

The misdemeanor charge alleges that Rizzotto "created a condition which endangers safety and health" when one of her chimps attacked and bit a woman last November. Officials refer to the chimps escaping from their enclosure, but Rizzotto maintains their getaway was the result of vandalism.

Upon conviction, the public nuisance charge carries with it a maximum fine of $500 or imprisonment in the county jail for no longer than six months.

As the result of the alleged incident and another nationally-publicized chimp attack in Connecticut, the Carbon County Board of Health has given Rizzotto 30 days from March 12 to update the chimps' health records and provide those records to the county. They have also recommended that she place her two chimpanzees in a chimpanzee sanctu-ary.



A media crew visited with Jeanne Rizzotto at her home with Connor and Kramer the Chimpanzees. As one reporter approached the cage, Connor reached out, grabbed him and drew blood. Should these animals be allowed in peoples homes with neighbors, pets, and farm animals? Is it ever the owner that gets a life changing disability? Or the public who is unaware of the dangers around them? Is it fair that those that do not own these wild dangerous animals are the ones that end up with life changing disabilities? As Charla said on the Oprah show.... No one should have these animals. Amen to that.

Another owner of a chimpanzee Is Carmen Presti, who also houses 2 Adult Chimpanzees. When will they escape? When will they attack? Who will be their victim(s)?.

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