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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Alan Green and Animal Underworld Part 1

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Alan spoke to the folks at the National Zoo in Washington who then referred him to look into the Reston Animal Park, previously known as pet-a-pet because there were rumors of mistreatment of the animals.
These are some of the key facts Alan found out-
  • One employee working there had been convicted of Animal Abuse for striking a huge Aldabra (photo below) with a 2X4 board

  • At the seasons end, the animals were trucked off to the animal auctions.
  • They let a black Angus (photo below) behind to die in the Zoo's dump which was found by a neighbor and a vet determined the cause of death was starvation.

  •  Lincoln Park Zoo sent a pair of Lion Cubs to Reston Park and other "reputable?" Zoo's followed suit.
  • Jack Crippen was the owner of Reston Park Zoo
  • Crippen divorced and didn't want his wife to get anything so he sold more than 230 animals to auction barns, exotic pet owners, dreadful exhibits and dealers such as Six Flags Adventure.
  • Spider Monkeys landed at a local University psychology dept.
  • A young Chimpanzee, Mario was sold to NY University's Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and surgery in Primates. He spent 2 decades as the subject of human hepatitis research. I wonder where he is now?
  • Ringling Brothers Circus had given Crippen a "cast off" elephant, Topsy, which he tried to sell for 12,000.00, which was too expensive for the 20 zoos that approached him for the Elephant. The Washington Park Zoo in Portland Oregon wanted Topsy and in exchange for her they wrote a letter to the IRS valuing her at 20,000.00 that they gave to Crippen. She was then put to death for hurting a trainer. A Trainer? Why did she have a trainer at a zoo?
Please check them out, they all look so legit and nice, don't they?
Reston Park Zoo
Link to Ringling Brothers Circus
Lincoln Park Zoo
Six Flags Safari Park
Washington Park Zoo

Check back for Part 2 tomorrow

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