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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Alan Green and Animal Underworld Part 2

Please begin with the post called "Introduction to Alan Green and Animal Underworld" under this same category and go from there- Thank you

In this section Alan talks about the National Zoo - Smithsonian Institution and some of the practices that were involved in.
Their website here
  • They needed to dispose of unwanted monkeys, so a keeper for the zoo would drive them to an uncredited zoo near Camp David MD. This zoo who repeatedly failed inspection reports by Animal Welfare.
  • They retired it's herd of East Asian Silka deer 

who were sent off to a Virginia roadside zoo known for their frequent escapes, endless complaints of mistreatment, and carcasses disposed of in public trash cans.
  • They sent a brown Bear to William Vergis (Studio Animal Rentals) which he used for a westling bear act. (I personally had an encounter with Bill Vergis and I can only say this, a horrible horrible man). Shortly afterwards the USDA took his animal exhibitors license away and charging him with mistreatment of bears.
  • They also sold a rare Muntjac deer in 1977 (barking Deer) 

  • National Zoo Conservation and Research Center sent a couple of Oryx

to the International Animal Exchange, which were considered upstanding(?) by much of the zoo community. They then shipped them to Henry Hampton
  • 2 More African antelopes went to the Bamberger Ranch in Texas who ran an Oryx breeding program for the AZA (American Zoological Association). From there they were sent to a Florida Ranch where Wild Safari's "Surplus" were sent to die.
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