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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buy a Blanket for the Chimpanzees at Save The Chimps

I can attest to the fact that Chimpanzees LOVE blankets. They like to put them over their heads, carry them around and cover up with them. We use to buy our blankets at IKEA which were only 4.00 and between the 2 chimps per day I would go through about 10 blankets. They just love them!!! This would be a really nice gift for them and they are only 10.00 and they put a ribbon and note on them which will give them some enrichment also. That's really a good price!

Carole Noon was the founder of this sanctuary, who passed away sadly. Carol fought for the chimps to be released from Medical research. This is a great sanctuary. As we all know all sanctuary's and foundations are not what they say they are, but Save the Chimps is!
Here to buy a 10.00 blanket for a chimpanzee
Here is their website

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