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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Guru, the hairless Chimpanzee loves to make noise, throw stones and feces at visitors

A CHIMP suffering from alopecia has become a star attraction at an Indian zoo.

Guru lost all the hair from his body when he was owned by a circus — and now looks almost human.

Hundreds of curious visitors from across India flock to Mysore zoo in the south of the country to see the 20-year-old ape.

Zoo vet Dr Suresh Kumar said: "Everybody wants to see his biceps and triceps.

"He looks like a human being sitting naked in front of you. So it looks amazing."

The chimp was rescued from a local circus by the famous Vandalur zoo in Chennai, south-east India, where he spent almost a decade.

He was moved to Mysore zoo in 2003 and vets have been trying hard to treat him.

Dr Suresh said: "We have tried a number of medicines on him but till date there have been no positive results and as a last resort we are planning to consult a human skin doctor."

The vet revealed the mischievous chimp makes a lot of noise and throws stones and faeces at visitors.

Dr Suresh said: "He beats his chest and claps a lot when children come near his enclosure."

To keep him happy zoo officials keep a female chimpanzee, Manila, in his enclosure.
Story credit Here and a photo of Guru

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