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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Introduction to Alan Green and Animal Underworld

Alan Green is a writer who has written the book titled "Animal Underworld". You can just imagine by the title of his book the horrors that not only has he seen, but also experienced and written about.

For those of you that really want the truth about what happens to our wonderful animals, this is the book to read. It will fill your heart with sadness, and anger and thoughts of "why?" and "how?" and amazement that these things go on everyday without our knowledge.

Because I use to own 2 chimpanzees I have meet some of the people mentioned in his book. I also have meet many that have surfaced later after the book had been published. A year or so ago I found out about Alan Greens book so I e-mailed him. I explained to him who I was, some of the things I had experienced and told Alan that if he ever decided to write a second book I would be more than glad to give him my experiences. Alan wrote me back and said that he had no interest in writing another book on this subject. I didn't understand at the time, though after reading a few hundred pages yesterday, I wouldn't want to go back there either, especially seeing everything he did and not being able to do anything about it.

Where Alan began;
Alan worked as an Ape-House volunteer at the National Zoo in Washington. He was on hand in 1993 for the construction of the Zoo's "Think Tank". The "Think Tank" was a novel exhibit that puts Orangutans in front of computer terminals in the hopes of gauging their intelligence. I personally use to go to this zoo about once a month. I always visited the "Think Tank" in hopes that I would be able to see this study. Not once did I see Orangutans in there.  I did however see Orangutans crossing over the public, feet above, on apparatus to get from one place to another. They had stopped when one Orangutan decided to visit the restaurant one day that was full of visitors. (see article below) I do see that they are back to doing it. Sure looks like a real nice place, but wait until you read Alan's book about them. What goes on behind the scenes is horrifying, not only with the National Zoo but Zoos all over.
Here is a link to their Think Tank
Here's the link to that escape

A position came up for a caretaker, however, Alan was passed up because of seniority. From there he visited many places and gets quit an education about what happens to our animals.

In this section, I will give key facts that I have learned in his book, without going into detail. I would recommend this book to everyone. I don't think people know that this pure treasure is out there.
National Zoos website here
Article about the Orangutan that escaped from the National Zoo...

October 27, 2000
For Junior the orangutan, the day started out like any other. He had a
breakfast of kale, celery, carrots and green beans followed by his regular
arthritis medication. Then, apparently, boredom set in. So he did what any
other restless primate would do: He headed for the gift shop. He got there
by shimmying down a 45-foot tower at the National Zoo, climbing over an
electrified barrier and leaping into a flower bed. As staffers herded
astonished visitors into a nearby building, Junior took in Monkey Island
and an exhibit of prairie dogs before being tranquilized and returned to
Story credit Here

When you google search for this information look what the National Zoo has to say:

"Think Tank - National Zoo

FONZThey do not escape because the wires are too high, because the platforms and ... Alterations were made to towers #2 through #7 to prevent an orangutan from ... "

SO WHAT IT IS? do or have they escaped or not?

You can read that information here

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