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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Were The Stories Told By Sandra Herold, Travis The Chimpanzee's Owner The Truth? Photos of Charla Now!

As per the Oprah show last night, airing Charla Nash, Charla's statements do not coincide with the stories that Sandra Herold had talked about in the media.

Sandra Herold had stated that Charla, a woman working for her was responsible for taking care of Travis the Chimpanzee as part of her job responsibilities. Charla noted on Oprah that in Travis's lifetime she only feed Travis a few times and had only seen him out of his cage twice, both when very young. On one of these two occasions Travis had jumped on her back (see Photo Below), and pulled her hair out, which frightened Charla. This incident, is the photo seen over the net which was portrayed as a happy friendly photo, when in fact, Charla was afraid of Travis always. You can see by Charla's hair that something had happened to it. This being the case, what did Sandra really say to Charla to get her to come over to the house that day? Charla, always being afraid of Travis, and knowing how dangerous he was, would she go over there to face that fear and help out her friend put a dangerous animal back into his cage?

Charla looks as though she's very afraid, though trying not to. Notice how she is not touching Travis and how her hair is standing up in the back from being pulled out by Travis.

To the public, remember this strong lady, her will to live, the devastation that a chimpanzee has done, so the next time you think they are cute, you'd like to have one, or spend time with one, you will make the right decision for not only yourself, but also for the public and the chimpanzees, and say "NO THANK YOU!".

Note: This was not just an attack, Travis's teeth were found in Charla's face. How hard of a bite, and how angry does that animal need to be in order to bite so hard that he embeds his teeth into her?


Charla Nash after attack picture

Charla Nash, the Connecticut woman who was horrifically mauled by a 200-pound chimpanzee in February appeared on "Oprah Winfrey" show Wednesday.

Nash shared her heartbreaking story and revealed her face for the first time after the attack. She lost both her hands, as well as her nose, an eyelid, and lips, when she was attacked by the animal, owned by her friend in Stamford, Conn.

"I don't ask a whole lot about my injuries. I know that I have my forehead," Nash who suffered unimaginable injuries to her face, told Winfrey.

Nash - who turned 56 Tuesday, said she does not remember anything about the morning.

Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey interviewed her in her hospital room at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio yesterday. The episode airs at 4 p.m. today on WABC/Channel 7.

View pictures of Charla Nash after the attack. WARNING: Too GRAPHIC.


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