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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Case You Missed The Oprah Show With Charla Nash, The Victim of Travis The Chimpanzee. Here's a Video

After watching this, people have to realize how VERY dangerous Chimpanzees are. The very people that own Chimpanzees would like you to think that they can be Humanized, Civilized and Tamed, though history tells us otherwise. This is the real truth about Chimpanzees.

The next time you see a baby Chimpanzee, remember this, ask that person who owns that baby "Why do you own such a dangerous animal?"

Don't feed into this industry by paying for play dates, Chimpanzee Encounters or watching any show with a Chimpanzee on it. Chimpanzees should be illegal for all to own, possess, and exploit for our entertainment, Zoos, Circuses, Government Labs and Private People. It's dangerous for the public and for the Chimpanzees. I can think of people right off of the top of my head, Rosaire's Circus in Florida, Jeanne Rizzotto in Montana, and Gini Valbunea in Florida.


Charla Nash, the woman who tried to lure an escaped chimp named Travis back to his cage in February only to have the 200-pound animal turn on her and violently maul her face, appeared on the Oprah show today. ** WARNING: The video may be disturbing to some viewers


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