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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Think It's a Good Idea To Own a Chimpanzee? Look at Travis's Victim, Charla Nash, Jeanne Rizzotto Still Has Her Chimpanzees

Charla Nash, a strong person to be able to survive, and appear in the public's eye to show people that Chimpanzees SHOULD NOT be a pet or anything else! Good for you Charla, be strong, and know that the public respects you, and only wishes the best for you.

Do you hear that Jeanne Rizzotto, Gini Valbuena and all of the other Chimpanzee owners? This could be you, OR a friend of yours!


This is what she looked like before the attack.

This is what she looked like afterwards.

What is your first thought when you read of a "pet" animal attacking an human? Especially if the animal is a chimp. Now most of us know chimps from movies where they are sweet and adorable. Those who work with them in the movies have different stories to tell. And, it is the baby chimp we are seeing.

An adult chimp weights around 200 pounds and is a very powerful animal. Unlike dogs and cats which have a lengthy history of living with people, chimps don't.

We hear that animals will never attack without provocation and so should never be punished for behaving according to their nature. I say different, I say there are both people and animals that will attack with no provocation. Humans acting in defense of themselves or others are just behaving according to their nature.

There are those even after knowing the full extent of Charla Nash injuries who would still cry for the chimp. This woman lost both hands, her sight, eyelids, nose, lips and jaw as well as the central facial bones. The chimp litteraly ate her face off. Can you even imagine the horror of such a thing happening to you.

Carla Nash is appearing on Oprah and will be showing her face. I cannot find the words for this. Usually she goes about with her face covered, but decided to show everyone what the results of thinking you have the right to keep a wild animal in your home can be.


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