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Monday, January 3, 2011

Vote to end the Bushmeat Trade for Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Orangutans and Monkeys

I received a comment in regards to the Bushmeat Industry and thought that it is important and should also be posted. This is one of the ways we can help. Just as Americans have had to be educated on the many plights of our Great Apes and Monkeys, people that participate in the Bushmeat trade also need to be educated. We have to remember that this has been their practices for many years, so they need to know and understand why and what the Bushmeat Trade is doing.

Vote to help end the Bush meat trade! Ecolife foundation is in a grant competition which if we will  give us $100,000 USD to help bring sustainable protein through aquaponics directly to bush meat hunters and their communities. Meeting their needs to reduce pressure on wildlife. ECOLIFE Foundation will build a Village Aquaponics System at the Limbe Wildlife Center in Cameroon. The Limbe Center is an oasis for orphans of the bush meat trade and also work to reduce poaching by holding classes to educated and provide other opportunities to bush meat hunters. This is a great opportunity to open new doors for micro-economic development and an alternative source of animal protein. $100,000 can ensure that at least three villages impacting endangered wildlife resources also have systems, training and the team to operate them. The competition ends on January 10th. for more info See


Help us stop this tragic and unnecessary practice by helping us win $100,000.

ECOLIFE has been nominated to be a part of Disney's "Friends for Change." Please visit their site and vote for ECOLIFE's project, "Aquaponics Economics: Going Ape in Cameroon." You can help ECOLIFE win $100,000 to apply towards practical solutions such as an aquaponics systems for raising fish and vegetables.

Please go Here  and click on Explore & Vote to register and support our program
Eco life Foundation Website Here

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