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Monday, January 3, 2011

Orangutan Conservancy

“The worst thing that can happen-will happen-is not energy depletion, economic collapse, limited nuclear war, or conquest by totalitarian government. As terrible as these catastrophes would be for us, they can be repaired within a few generations. The process ongoing in the 1980′s that will take millions of years to correct is the loss of genetic and species diversity by destruction of natural habitats. This is the folly our descendands are least likely to forgive us.” – Edward O. Wilson

Today it is estimated that in the world’s rainforests alone, 27,000 species are extinguished every year-74 species a day. Orangutans are found only in the rainforests of Borneo & Sumatra. The population of wild orangutans has declined by more than half in the last 20 years, and approximately 80% of its natural habitat has been lost in the last half century. The Orangutan Conservancy is dedicated to the conservation of orangutans and their habitat through preserving the remaining orangutan populations and by promoting the changes that are needed to preserve their natural habitat. By protecting orangutans in their natural environment, most other native species, including plants and insects will also survive.

The Orangutan Conservancy is an independent US nonprofit (501c3) organization. We are operated entirely by dedicated volunteers, and we strive to keep administrative costs to a bare minimum to ensure that your donations reach the projects in the field where they belong. Our formation was inspired by the Balikpapan Orangutan Society in Balikpapan, Indonesia, which was established in 1991 by Dr. Willie Smits in the town of Balikpapan to support the Wanariset Orangutan Reintroduction Program. We continue a close and supportive relationship with the BOS in Indonesia, now known as BOS Foundation. Become a member today and join us in our mission to protect orangutans and their rainforest home.
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